6 People to Follow in the Nuxt Community

This article will highlight a few people in the Nuxt community that are worth following to learn more about Nuxt and to stay connected with what’s going on in the community and ecosystem

Michael Thiessen
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One of the best parts about Nuxt is the community of people who are constantly making it better, day after day.

Whether through code or content, these are people worth following to learn more about Nuxt and to stay connected with what’s going on in the community and ecosystem.

In this article, I wanted to highlight a few of those people, but there are far more people that I couldn’t fit in. What makes Nuxt great is not these specific six people, but the whole collection of hundreds and thousands of contributors.

If you want to start your journey of contributing to Nuxt and becoming part of this wonderful communtiy, check out Nuxters and also read this great intro by Daniel, the Nuxt team lead. You can also contribute by writing or creating videos — don’t hold back!

Daniel Roe


Sponsorship: https://github.com/sponsors/danielroe

Website: https://roe.dev

Twitter: https://twitter.com/danielcroe

Livestreams: https://www.twitch.tv/danielroe

Talks: https://roe.dev/talks

You can’t talk about Nuxt without mentioning Daniel Roe.

He’s the lead dev on the Nuxt project, and he’s always pushing the envelope by introducing new and exciting features. He also happens to be one of the nicest and most helpful people around.

You can find him on Twitter, where he’s quite active. He also does livestreams each week, where you can tune in to watch him work on Nuxt. He often has guests on the stream, which makes things even more interesting.

His blog doesn’t have a ton of articles (yet), but he’s got a couple of great ones posted recently, so it’s worth checking out.

Of course, I can’t leave out the fact that he’s an exceptional speaker, and has given a ton of incredible talks. This is how I know Daniel, through meeting at conferences where we were both speakers. You can find a list of his talks here.

Harlan Wilton


Sponsorship: https://harlanzw.com/sponsors

Website: https://harlanzw.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/harlan_zw

Blog: https://harlanzw.com/blog

Harlan has been popping up in my Twitter feed for sometime now, and his contributions and insight into Nuxt are superb.

He’s from Australia, but currently traveling while working on open-source (with a bit of freelancing). You can read his work updates on his blog where he details what it’s like to be a professional OSS dev while travelling the world.

It’s very inspirational!

He’s the creator of unhead, which is what powers the useHead composable in Nuxt 3, as well as a whole slew of awesome Nuxt-related projects. To name a few:

  • Unlighthouse: a tool that uses Google Lighthouse to scan every page on your site
  • useHead composable from VueUse
  • [nuxt-og-image](https://github.com/harlan-zw/nuxt-og-image) module: generate OG images at build or runtime using Vue components
  • [nuxt-seo-kit](https://github.com/harlan-zw/nuxt-seo-kit) module: a collection of Nuxt modules and best practices to make it easy to enhance the SEO on your website

Jakub Andrzejewski


Twitter: https://twitter.com/jacobandrewsky

Blog: https://dev.to/jacobandrewsky

Jakub has been killing it recently with his articles on web development. His focus tends to be around Nuxt and web performance, which is why I’ve included him on this list.

You can find his articles over on DEV.

His a senior dev over at Vue Storefront, but that doesn’t stop him from writing a ton. He’s also an ambassador for Nuxt, Storyblok, Algolia, Cloudinary, and Supabase (I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss any). And he’s a Google Dev Expert in web performance.

Like I was saying, Jakub has been killing it, so you should follow what he’s doing.

Here’s a great article series he’s written on using Nuxt, Shopify, and Storyblok: Building Composable Commerce with Nuxt, Shopify, and Storyblok Crash Course

Anthony Fu


Sponsorship: https://antfu.me/sponsors-list

Website: https://antfu.me/

Blog: https://antfu.me/posts

Twitter: https://twitter.com/antfu7

Anthony is an open-source developer, currently working at Nuxt Labs, and his contributions to the Vue and Nuxt community are far too numerous to write in a single article like this.

But I’ll give it a try:

  • VueUse: a collection of composables, utilities, and more. Hugely influential and a library every Vue app should probably be using.
  • Nuxt DevTools: he’s been a driving force behind dramatically improving the DX of building Nuxt apps
  • Slidev: amazing slide presentations tool that is built for developers. This is the tool that I use for all my presentations and sometimes to prototype content for my courses.

He’s also contributing to Nuxt, Vue, Vite, Windi CSS…

And it’s not just code —  his articles and talks are worth paying attention to as well.

Matt Maribojoc + LearnVue


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/learnvue

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mattmaribojoc

Blog: https://learnvue.co/articles

Matt has one of the best Vue and Nuxt YouTube channels that I’ve seen, and knows how to teach.

He focuses on delivering short, understandable, and highly practical tips in video format. This is a very similar style to my own tips, but done in video instead of text.

But he also has a great blog with tons of articles teaching Vue and Nuxt — LearnVue.com.

Is it a coincidence that he also works at VueStorefront? Maybe not…

He’s a great friend of mine, and he’s just getting started. Definitely worth paying attention to what he’s up to, because he’s producing lots of great stuff.

Michael Hoffman


Newsletter: https://weekly-vue.news/

Website: https://mokkapps.de/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mokkapps

Blog: https://mokkapps.de/blog

Michael, besides having a fantastic first name, has one of the best Vue newsletters out there. In it, he shares tips and links on Vue and Nuxt.

He’s also sharing these tips on his Twitter if you’re endlessly (hopelessly?) scrolling like me.

I can’t forget to mention that he’s also writing lots of great articles, including a detailed guide on how to fetch data in Nuxt 3 — exactly the kind of content you’re reading the Mastering Nuxt blog for, right?

Michael is a seasoned developer, working as a freelancer on Vue and Nuxt projects. So if you need some extra hands, make sure to look him up.

Wrapping Up

These are just a few of the many incredible and talented people making the Nuxt community as great as it is.

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to showcase everyone who’s doing great work, and this list is by no means a Top 10 — but I hope that through this article you’ve discovered some new people to follow and learn from.

Read, watch, and support these people, because they’re helping push the community forward!

Michael Thiessen
Michael is a passionate full time Vue.js and Nuxt.js educator. His weekly newsletter is sent to over 11,000 Vue developers, and he has written over a hundred articles for his blog and VueSchool.

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